❧ I'm deaf from all the silence.
15 June 2011

I had the chance to stream Simple Plan's new album today and it's been on repeat all day. If you weren't aware, SP has been my favourite band since I was 12. We all go through tough times in our lives and we find things that somehow make whatever we're going through less difficult. Simple Plan was what got me through a lot of my teen years. Their music always made me feel better if I was having a bad day and they've had such a positive influence on me because I know that I'm not the only one going through something. I've been thinking a lot lately about getting a tattoo with either their logo or maybe some lyrics from one of their songs. All of their songs mean a lot to me so it wouldn't be just some random tattoo that I'd get just for the sake of having one. One of their new songs is called 'Gone Too Soon' which reminds me so much of my grandfather that passed away, so maybe some words from that would be fitting.
❧ I've been very negligent of this blog.
06 June 2011
I haven't really had a whole lot to blog about lately. I'm finally the very proud owner of a MacBook (pictures soon), so I suppose that's something relatively eventful.

My obsession with Kate Middleton has not gone away or died down in any way so today I bought a magazine I found in the check-out line when I was finished grocery shopping today. Every article features facts about Kate that I was already aware of but it's nice to collect things about her. I'm pretty sure I'll have a shrine dedicated to her before long.

After my trip to the store, I headed on over to Starbucks. I don't go very often so it's kind of nice to treat myself every now and then. My usual go-to drink is a raspberry mocha frappuccino but today I wanted to give something else a try. I finally decided on the Double Chocolaty Chip frappuccino (I added a few pumps of raspberry, of course) and dear God... it was like Heaven in a cup. Every sip contained little chocolate chips and it was just amazing. I might have found my new favourite drink. I also picked up one of those birthday cake pops everyone has been raving about lately but I wasn't as impressed with it as I thought I would be. The presentation was nice but I guess I'm not much of a fan of cake if it's not chocolate.

❧ Kate: The style icon.
04 May 2011

I absolutely adore Kate's sense of style. She puts new twists on classic outfits and the results are fabulous. The outfits she puts together are so simple but she always manages to make them work. One of the magazines I bought was solely dedicated to her fashion side and where to get the things she wears. If I were as tall as her, I could probably attempt to pull off the looks she makes seem so effortless but sadly, I was not blessed with long legs. I'm sure I can find a few things to look similar, though.


❧ My ever-growing obsession.

Now that the Royal Wedding has passed, I find myself obsessed with every aspect of it. I went to the store on Sunday morning and picked up just about every magazine having to do with the wedding. I bought several Kate-dedicated magazines as well. I've been aware (and a mild fan) of her since 2007 but after last November when I watched hers and William's engagement interview, my obsession for her grew and grew. Now it's just become unhealthy. I just can't help it.
❧ It's beginning to feel like Spring.
My mom's friend buys her flowers (Je suis jaloux) all the time and she picked the most amazing ones just in time for the Spring. I know some of the bouquet is made up of sunflowers, daisies, tulips, and freesias but that's about the extent of my knowledge in terms of names. Due to the fact that I have not updated in ages, these pictures were taken well over a week ago, therefore the flowers are now wilting. Nonetheless, they were gorgeous when they were in bloom.


❧ Organic eyeshadow.

I don't know if anyone else in the States have ever heard of a health store called The Vitamin Cottage but that's where I purchased this eyeshadow. It's supposed to organic meaning the extra crap you would find in other brands of eyeshadow is missing. I've never worn it prior today because I kind of bought it without taking into consideration that it might not look good on me. But it did! It's a beautiful shade of purple, almost like a lilac colour and it doesn't feel too heavy on your eyes. It'd be perfect to wear during the spring.


❧ Wedding fever.
25 April 2011

With the upcoming nuptials of William and Kate (which I am very excited for, by the way), I've been in wedding mode. If you know me pretty well, you'll probably think this post is a little odd considering I don't exactly believe in marriage. That's weird, but whatever. As a girl, I've indeed dreamed of my perfect wedding. All girls do at one point or another. I used to know exactly what I wanted, from the designer of the dress to the venue in which the wedding itself would take place, but then I grew up and kind of forgot about those dreams. Now with William and Kate's wedding fast approaching, I started thinking about those things again. If I were to ever get married, I would want the ceremony to be held at The Stanley in Estes Park. Go ahead and look it up, it may be haunted but the place is gorgeous. It's a given that Vera Wang would be the designer of my dress, I know that's a popular choice among brides but it's only because she's one of the best out there in terms of gown design. There would be hundreds, maybe even thousands of white roses everywhere. It would just be amazing, I can picture it all right now. Really, though, I am so excited for this wedding. I cannot express how much and you can bet I'll be one of the millions who will wake up early to see Kate walk down that aisle.