❧ Fun at the park.
09 April 2011

I took Rebecka to the park today. We spent most of the week at her dad's house and there's no park near his house so when I brought her over to my house, my mom and I decided to take her to the park for a little fun. It was kind of chilly, though. I'm wishing for summer so badly at this point because at least then we'll have consistently warm weather... maybe. So, Becka had a good time but got upset when another little girl came around and wanted to go on the slide. Rebecka is an only child and she's not ready for school yet so she has little time to interact with kids her own age that aren't family members. She'll figure out (with help from me) that she doesn't own everything and she has to share with other people. We came home and spent the rest of the night watching Nick Jr. She's been so obsessed with all of the shows on that channel lately and while most of them are educational, some are pretty creepy. It's getting a bit late and now that's Becka is asleep, I should be heading that way also. Oh, and you'll notice in this picture that Rebecka now has her ears pierced. If you also follow my Tumblr, you would've seen my post about it a few weeks ago. My ex-boyfriend's (her dad) mother decided to do that without talking it over with either of us. Pissed me off.