❧ Wedding fever.
25 April 2011

With the upcoming nuptials of William and Kate (which I am very excited for, by the way), I've been in wedding mode. If you know me pretty well, you'll probably think this post is a little odd considering I don't exactly believe in marriage. That's weird, but whatever. As a girl, I've indeed dreamed of my perfect wedding. All girls do at one point or another. I used to know exactly what I wanted, from the designer of the dress to the venue in which the wedding itself would take place, but then I grew up and kind of forgot about those dreams. Now with William and Kate's wedding fast approaching, I started thinking about those things again. If I were to ever get married, I would want the ceremony to be held at The Stanley in Estes Park. Go ahead and look it up, it may be haunted but the place is gorgeous. It's a given that Vera Wang would be the designer of my dress, I know that's a popular choice among brides but it's only because she's one of the best out there in terms of gown design. There would be hundreds, maybe even thousands of white roses everywhere. It would just be amazing, I can picture it all right now. Really, though, I am so excited for this wedding. I cannot express how much and you can bet I'll be one of the millions who will wake up early to see Kate walk down that aisle.